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Group Classes

Class Schedule & Pricing

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Tiny Tutus Ballerinas 

Mommy & Me

Ages 2-3

Mommy & Me class is an introductory toddler dance class where a parent or guardian joins them during their dance class. Mommy & Me classes introduce toddlers to our studio and make sure they feel comfortable learning to dance with us before trying an independent class like our Tiny Tutus Ballerinas experience. This is a non-recital class.

Tiny Tutus Ballerinas 1

Ages 3-5

Tiny Tutus ballerinas is a pre-school aged dance program. In preschool ballet dancers dive into ballet technique while still enjoying a fun and creative class. Creative movement uses beautiful music, improvisation and story-dances to engage preschoolers' active imagination.

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Tutus 2 & Minis 

Pre-Ballet & Tap

Ages 5-7

​This class is designed for dancers who want to try both ballet and tap dance. Tap is great for fine motor development, musicality and rhythm. students will also learn basic ballet steps

Mini Hip-Hop

Ages 5-8

Fundamentals of Hip Hop class. Hip Hop dance combines modern movements similar to street rhythms to produce a high energy dance style.


Ballet Levels 1-3

Ages 8-12

Ages 11-17 (Pre-Teen and Teen)

Proper ballet technique is taught in the traditional sequence of a ballet class: warm up, barre exercises, stretch, and center floor. Student will learn proper alignment, strength, flexibility, and the ability to show expression in all dance movements. In lyrical dance emphasis is on expressive, fluid movements.

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Hip Hop and Jazz Levels 1-3

Ages 9-12

Ages 13 -17 (Teen)

​Jazz Class is fast moving and dynamic with strong technique that develops flexibility and coordination of total body. Hip Hop dance combines modern movements similar to street rhythms to produce a high energy dance style.

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Tap 1, 2

Ages 9 -17

Tap is a form of dance by using the shoe, as well as the floor, as a percussive instrument.  Students will learn both rhythm tap (focuses more on music and rhythms), as well as musicality and timing.​


Private Group Dance Classes

All Ages (6 people and up)

Customized dance lessons and choreography specifically for your group needs.  This has been popular among companies, church groups (praise dance), organizations, singles groups, dance fitness, and families who are about to celebrate a wedding.

Private Dance Lessons

All Ages (1 to 4 people maximum)


Private lessons are offered to help individuals reach their dance goals and make them an exciting reality. Whether preparing for a special event, or just wanting to brush up on your dance skills we are here to tailor your needs. This option has been popular for pageants, special performances, or just learning or brushing up the basics of our variety of dance styles (ballet/lyrical, Jazz & hip-hop, and praise dance). You can achieve your goals faster with one-on-one attention.


Summer Camps

Ages 6 and Up 

Artistic Dance Company summer camps are geared towards kids who have an interest in dance. Students will learn some of the basics of ballet and Jazz. The camp is designed to  give your children  the unique opportunity to explore the art of dance and prepare them for beginning dance classes, for the upcoming year. 

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